Fire Administration


The general perception of the Fire Department centers on fire engines and firefighters performing their daily duties. The reality however is that the fire service has changed dramatically over the past 30 years and much of the daily activity occurs "behind the scenes".

In order to respond quickly, efficiently and effectively, the firefighters rely on a dedicated support staff in Administration to provide the means to serve our community. The Administrative Section is responsible for the management and supervision of all Department services, programs and policies. This entails managing a multi-million dollar budget to provide equipment and training, hiring new personnel, payroll records and reporting, purchasing, inventory control, computer related functions and training, labor relations and clerical support services. The administrative staff also ensures that the firefighters basic needs are met and coordinates medical care and other support services.

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Employment Process

Welcome!  The Human Resources Department is the starting point for employment as a classified employee in the City of Napa.  All classified positions are filled through competitive processes as provided for in the City’s Civil Service Rules.  The Human Resources Department administers the recruitment, application, testing and eligibility list processes pursuant to these Rules.

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Napa Parks and Recreation Services Department

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Development Engineering Division

dev eng jefferson creek setback

The Development Engineering Division is responsible for the engineering review and processing of private development applications as well as plan check, inspection and coordination of infrastructure construction activities resulting from the development process. The Division also provides administration of the Stormwater Program, Sidewalk Repair Program and assistance to the public in the issuance of encroachment permits , transportation permits , and general inquiries.   

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Water-Wise Landscaping Workshops

The City of Napa teams with other local agencies to sponsor FREE Water-Wise Landscaping Workshops made possible by the expertise of the UC Master Gardeners, the California Native Plant Society Napa Valley Chapter, and area professionals.  Topics are designed for Napa Valley residents interested in maintaining and beautifying their landscape while minimizing their water use.  The workshops feature expert presenters, free water-saving tools, literature, topical door prizes, and the latest on state and local rebate programs.  Although the recent drought is over, water conservation is a way of life in California.  Outdoor efficiency and conservation is still the key to our water future.

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