River Park Marina Banks



The River Park Estates Marina is connected to the Napa River Channel and provides recreational boating access to its adjoining residents. Over the years the marina has had several stability issues. The River Park Marina Banks project will consist of evaluating the condition of the marina banks to develop a phased plan to stabilize bank areas requiring repair. Special property assessment funds are being used in this project.

Estimated project cost: TBD

Estimated project schedule:  Planning: Spring/Summer 2021  |  Design: Fall 2021  |   Construction: TBD

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December 2021 - GHD (City Consultant) has completed a draft summary memo and will present their findings in January 2022. The memo summarizes the slope stability issues and history of repair work since original construction along with a description of the current repair needs based on recent survey data and a site assessment. 

May 2021 - Public Works Department and GHD (City Consultant) held a virtual meeting to inform the River Park Marina residents of the upcoming project to survey the condition of the River Park Marina banks and prepare a phased repair plan.