Homeless Services Coordination


The Assistant to the City Manager works at the direction of the City Manager to coordinate the provision of homeless services and the mitigation of impacts caused by homelessness in the community.  

Homelessness in the City of Napa

The 2020 Point-In-Time Count indicates there is an estimated 464 experiencing homelessness in Napa County on any given night, with most individuals in the City of Napa.  The current emergency shelter capacity in the Napa community ranges from 140-200 beds, depending on the time of year.

As part of the 2021 City Council Priorities Workshop, the Napa City Council prioritized the provision of homeless services and the management of impacts of homelessness in the community by consolidating the coordination of city activities in the City Manager’s Office.  

For many reasons ranging from lack of funding, the time it takes to develop housing, state and federal laws and court rulings, and the basic rights of those experiencing homelessness, there is no quick or easy solution to homelessness.  Addressing the challenge will take many years, require the prioritization of programs and actions, and take a significant financial investment from local, philanthropic, State and Federal sources.

The City of Napa is focusing efforts on working internally and with the community to develop short term strategies and long-term solutions to better manage homelessness.


Outreach and Sheltering Services

The City of Napa partners with the County of Napa and many community partners as part of the local Continuum of Care (Napa Continuum of Care | Napa County, CA (countyofnapa.org) to provide services to those experiencing or at-risk of experiencing homelessness.

Outreach Services

The two Outreach programs engage individuals experiencing homelessness to connect them with shelter, housing, health care, mental health treatment and other services.  

 Shelter Services and Locations

  • South Napa Shelter- Overnight and day services for adults aged 18 and over. Call (707) 271-7818 or visit 100 Hartle Court in Napa.
  • Winter Shelter- Overnight services from mid-November to mid-April. Call (707) 271-7818 or visit 100 Hartle Court for more information.
  • Rainbow House Family Shelter- (707) 224-4403
  • NEWS (domestic violence shelter)- (707) 255-6397 or (800) 799-7233


Report an Issue Related to Homelessness

You can report an issue related to homelessness using the Homeless Services Report.  While reports can by anonymous, leaving an email address or phone number will allow staff to follow-up to seek additional information or provide a response.  

City staff will review each report and determine what, if any, action can be taken. In some cases, the Napa City Municipal Code is superseded by federal or state case law or policies.  

Reports of individuals occupying vehicles on City streets generally require 72 hours of the vehicle remaining in the same parking spot, without movement, before action can be taken.

Reports received on property not owned by the City of Napa will generate a response from the Street Outreach Teams and the report will be logged by City staff and forwarded to the property owner.

Create a Homeless Services Report