Economic Development Division

Economic Development is central to supporting our businesses, spurring development, and improving the quality of life for our residents. Our mission is to create community-driven solutions for city-wide prosperity. 

Our team is committed to taking care of our small businesses, facilitating developer opportunities, and working with our fellow City divisions to support Napa's vibrancy and health. We are here to help you, for example:

  • Access resources for your business
  • Find suitable real estate sites and take advantage of various developer incentives
  • Connect with our established companies, development partners, and other organizations
  • Learn why Napa is a great place to live and do business

For a quick check of Napa's economic pulse, check out our Economic Development Dashboard!

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Economic Development Division

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Phone: 707-257-9502

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Brendan Hurley, Program Coordinator

Neal Harrison, Manager

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Jennifer Owen, Project Coordinator

Jennifer Owen

Brendan Hurley, Project Coordinator

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