Roundabout Public Art Project

Project Vision

The City of Napa has developed a growing art collection over the past 50 years reflecting the community’s evolving culture and identity. This gateway statement piece is commissioned to amplify the City of Napa on the international art map as well as create a great sense of local community pride. The artist and their artwork should reflect our values of diversity and inclusion along with set a high bar for future permanent works. Just as the City of Napa has a rich history and enduring story, our hope is this work will not only reflect our past but have a part in elevating and transforming Napa as we embark on a bold new chapter of the community’s public art program.

  1. Meredith Nevard

    Public Art Coordinator

Project finalists selected for Conceptual Design Proposals 

Ilan Averbuch

Ana Teresa Fernandez

Pae White

Roundabout Public Art Project

The project was identified by the Public Art Steering Committee and City Council as a high priority under the Gateway category of the Public Art Master Plan. In 2020 the City of Napa completed construction on the three roundabouts located near Hwy 29 at California, 1st Street and 2nd Street where they identified the location of the gateway artwork as part of the roundabouts planning.   

The City aims to accomplish the following primary goals with this public art project: 

  • Enhance Downtown Napa’s image as a world class art destination
  • Be iconic and a true gateway piece
  • Be site specific and original 
  • Be viewable as a drive-by experience

Public Art Fund

The City of Napa has a dedicated Public Art Fund.  This fund was created in conjunction with the City’s Public Art Ordinance that requires commercial developers to dedicate 1% of the project construction costs (over $250,000) to public art on their site or to pay the 1% into the Public Art Fund. This fund is used to support permanent public art throughout the community on city property.  The City created a Public Art Master Plan in 2014 to help identify goals and priorities for the Public Art Fund.