Napa Lighted Art Festival 2020

Napa Lighted Art Festival 2020 featured 13 Artists in Downtown Napa working innovative techniques using light and light technologies as a growing art medium. 

Artwork displayed included lighted art, video art, 3D video mapping projections, lighted sculptures and projects that use technology and interactivity. Original work by local and international award-winning artists were featured. Highlights included Night Bloom by Napa Valley Balloons and the Lantern Parade. 

Thank you to our 2020 sponsors! 

Funding for the Napa Lighted Art Festival provided by the Napa Lodging Association

Napa Lighted Art Festival 2020 Sponsors
First Presbyterian Church of Napa
Napa Downtown Association
Native Sons of the Golden West 
Blue Note Napa Valley 
Napa Valley Opera House 
Napa County Historical Society
Arts Council Napa Valley
Embassy Suites Napa Valley
Andaz Napa 
The Westin Versa Napa 
Napa County

Photo of the Napa Lighted Art Festival logo.

2020 Artists, Sites and Artworks

Napa Lighted Art Festival

1. Artwork: Angels of Freedom

    Location: CIA at Copia 

    500 First St. 

    Artist: OGE Group Hafia, Israel

2. Artwork:  Night Bloom 

    Location:  Oxbow Commons 

    McKinstry St. between 1st Street and Soscol Ave. 

    Artist: Napa Valley Balloons, Inc

Napa Lighted Art Festival Vincent Connors
Napa Lighted Art Festival

3.  Artwork: Open Note 

Location: Blue Note/ Opera House Napa Valley 

1030 Main Street 

Artist: Pep Palau London, UK

4.  Artwork: Partitura #01 

Location:  Riverfront Building 700 Main Street

Artist: mammasONica Catania, Italy 

Napa lighted art festival
Napa Lighted Art Festival 2020

5. Artwork: Lunchboxing with Lasers

Location: Napa River Inn/ Historic Napa Mill

Artist: Mike Gould 

Jackson, MI

6. Artwork: Chaos

Location: County Court Building 

825 Brown St. 

Artist: Hotaru Visual Guerilla 

Hermani, Spain 

napa ligheted art festival
Napa Lighted Art Festival

7. Artwork: Chroma Current

Location: Native Sons 

937 Coombs St. 

Artist: David Sullivan

8. Artwork: First Light 

Location: First Presbyterian Church 

1333 Third St. 

Artists: Ross Ashton & Karen Monid 

London, UK

napa lighted art festival
Napa Lighted art festival

9. Artwork: Prism 

Location: Goodman Library

1219 First St. 

Artist: Jeremy Oury 

10. Artwork: Elemental

Location: AT&T Building

1300 Clay Street 

Artist: New Tech High School Digital Lab

Napa Lighted Art Festival
Napa Lighted Art Festival Lantern Parade

11.  Artwork: Fault Line

Location: Napa Square 

School St. ( Between 1st St. and 2nd St.)

Artist:  Urban Projections 

Nottinghamshire, UK 

12. Artwork:  Lantern Parade 

Location: Main St. and 3rd St. 

Artists:  YOU! 

13.  Artwork: N'ests

Location: Riverfront Aerena Gallery 

Artist: Vincent Connors

Napa, CA 

napa lighted art festival Nests