Napa Lighted Art Festival 2019

City of Napa was awarded the 2019 Helen Putnam Award of Excellence for Economic Development through the Arts for the 2019 Napa Lighted Art Festival. 

Festival Dates: Saturday January 12th- Sunday January 20th 2019

An illuminating art walk during the season of lights! 

Napa Lighted Art Festival 2019 showcased stunning original artwork as light displays projected onto a variety of buildings throughout Downtown Napa.  

Festival Information

Thank you to our 2019 sponsors! 

Channel Properties
Culinary Institute
JaM Cellars
Napa River Inn
Napas Riverfront
Joss Reality
First Street Napa
Vintners Collective
Napa Valley Balloons
Ordered Universe
John Anthony
Feast it Forward

New Tech High School 

First Presbyterian Church of Napa

Napa Downtown Association

Native Sons of the Golden West

Blue Note Napa Valley

Napa Valley Operation 

Napa County Historical Society 

Arts Council Napa Valley ( Local Art Gallery) 

Technical Lighting by the Lux Productions

Technical Consulting by the Projection Studio

2019 Artists, Sites and Artworks

Illuminated scale replica of the moon
Find Me Someone to Love

1. Artwork: Museum of the Moon

    Location: CIA at Copia (exterior) 

    500 First St. 

    Artist: Luke Jerrarm Bristol, United Kingdom

2.  Artwork: Find Me Someone to Love

    Location: CIA at Copia ( interior) 

    500 First St. 

    Artist: Luke Jerrarm Bristol, United Kingdom

Napa Lighted Art Festival
Beyond the Walls

3. Artwork: Night Bloom 

    Location: Oxbow Commons

    McKinstry St ( between First and Soscol ) 

    Artist: Napa Valley Balloons, Inc. 

4. Artwork: Beyond the Wall (7 Lighted Murals)

    Location:  Vine Trail Trail Napa Valley ( between Vallejo and Jackson) 

    500 First St. 

    Artist: Rail Arts District ( RAD)

Rabbit Hole
Projection artwork on the Blue Note building by artist mammasONica

5. Artwork: Rabbit Hole

    Location: Vintners Collective 

    1245 Main St. 

    Artist: Jeffery Yip  Oakland, CA

6. Artwork: Kinote

    Location: Blue Note/ Opera House Napa Valley

   1030 Main St. 

    Artist: mammasONica Catalina, Italy

Projected artwork on the Riverfront building byHyperbinary
Artwork on the Historic Napa Mill by Marpi

7. Artwork: Triton Genos

    Location: Riverfront Building

   700 Main St. 

    Artist: Hyperbinary, Rajecko Czech Republic

8. Artwork: Aquarium

   Location: Napa River Inn / Historic Napa Mill

   500 Main St., Riverfront Promenade

    Artist: Marpi, San Francisco, CA 

Language of Love
Beyond Imagination

9. Artwork: Language of Love 

    Location: First Presbyterian Church

    1333 First St. 

    Artist: Birgit Zander, Daniel Bandke, Festival of Lights International Berlin, Germany

10. Artwork: Beyond Imagination 

    Location: Native Sons

    937 Coombs St. 

    Artist:  New Tech Digital Design Lab, Napa CA 

Projection artwork on the Goodman Library by artists Ross Ashton and Karen Mondin
Lighted art sculpture by Brian Brush

11. Artwork: Horizon 

    Location: Goodman Library

    1219 First St. 

    Artist:  Ross Ashton and Karen Monid. London, United Kingdom 

12. Artwork: The Anti-Spectacle 

    Location: First St. Napa

    1300 First St. 

    Artist: Bryan Brush, Berkeley, CA 

Sound Bank
Photo of the Napa Lighted Art Festival logo.

13. Artwork: Sound Bank

    Location: Napa Square

    School St.  ( between First St. and Second St.)

    Artist: David Sullivan New Orleans, Louisiana 

14. The Mansion

   1005 Jefferson St. 

    Techical Lighting by Creative Lighting Napa, CA 

Participants of a lantern parade with lit up umbrellas.

15. Artwork: Lantern Parade

    Location: Veterans Park

    Main St. & Third St 

    Artist: YOU!

16. Artwork: Constellation 

    Location: Vista Collina Resort - The Village

 850 Bordeaux Way 

    Artist: Christopher Schardt Oakland, CA