Local Roadway Safety Plan

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Local Roadway Safety Plan Project Area Map (JPG)

Plan Development

On September 6, 2022 the City of Napa adopted it's first Local Roadway Safety Plan (LRSP). The Local Roadway Safety Plan is a localized data-driven traffic safety plan that identifies and provides recommendations for addressing roadway safety needs within the City of Napa.  The LRSP aims to reduce the number of fatal and severe injury collisions on roadways within the City of Napa, ultimately increasing the safety of all roadway users.

The City’s Local Roadway Safety Plan document was designed to complement existing local planning documents as well as the State’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan. As such, its development relied on a partnership with stakeholders and public outreach using the four "E's” of traffic safety: Engineering, Enforcement, Education, and Emergency Services.

Plan Document

View the City of Napa's Local Roadway Safety Plan here.