Make It In Napa

In 2021, the City of Napa was awarded a federal grant from the Chamber of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration (EDA) to advance the City’s local manufacturing and creative sectors. Engaging two nonprofit consultants and developers, Artspace and PlaceMade, the EDA grant allowed for “The City of Napa’s Creative Space and Local Manufacturing Action Plan” report (“Action Plan”). From March to November 2021, the aim was to develop an Action Plan to make Napa a place where the manufacturing, maker, and creative sectors and their workforce can thrive. This initiative was named “Make It In Napa”

Napa Creative Space and Local Manufacturing Action Plan

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The Make It In Napa Initiative also included a Space Needs Survey for Makers, Creatives, and Artists. The purpose of the survey was to inform Artspace and Placemade’s findings for the Creative Space and Local Manufacturing Action Plan. The survey data is used to:

  1. Determine the demand and interest by the creative sector to warrant new spaces
    focused on the creative sector in the city of Napa.
  2. To conceptualize those spaces.
  3. To encourage the city of Napa, creative community local organizations and property
    owners and developers to foster and create new creative spaces.
  4. Develop initiatives, and programs that can help support and grow this important
    economic sector.
  5. Maintain an interest list of those individuals and organizations who need space and help
    matchmake with available spaces.

Space Needs Survey Findings Summary

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