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Napa Makes is the City of Napa's initiative to support and grow the artisan makers, small-scale manufacturers, and artist/creatives sectors within the City of Napa - resulting in a more diversified, resilient economy.

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Art Break Day
Art Break Day
  1. Field Trip 12

    Napa Makes Manufacturing Week Field Trip

    Opening students' eyes to manufacturing jobs in their community. Read on...
  2. ACNV

    Two opportunities to boost your visibility

    In response to our creative community's desire for enhanced visibility, both the Arts Council of Napa Valley and Visit Napa Valley have offered two free online profile options. Read on...
  3. NM 1

    Napa Makes Spotlight on our Artists - July 20, 2023

    Spotlight on our Artists: a vital part of our economy and a vibrant contributor to the community. Read on...
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In 2021, the City of Napa was awarded a federal grant from the Chamber of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration (EDA) to advance the City’s local manufacturing and creative sectors. Engaging two nonprofit consultants and developers, Artspace and PlaceMade, the EDA grant allowed for “The City of Napa’s Creative Space and Local Manufacturing Action Plan” report (“Action Plan”). From March to November 2021, the aim was to develop an Action Plan to make Napa a place where the manufacturing, maker, and creative sectors and their workforce can thrive. This initiative was initially named “Make It In Napa” and renamed Napa Makes in September 2022.

Napa Creative Space and Local Manufacturing Action Plan

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The report culminated in eight suggested action items, which covered communication & connectivity; City policies & support; creation of more maker live/work spaces; and longevity tactics. The Economic Development Department is hard at work carrying forward these action items.