Economic Development Library

Key Documents and Resources

Our strategy, and the initiatives we undertake, are based in part on the documents below:

2019 City of Napa Economic Development Action Strategy: This report was prepared by the Bay Area Council Economic Institute and commissioned by the City of Napa Economic Development Division. The document provides data-driven analysis that can guide the Economic Development Division’s future activities. It will also feed into the update of the City’s General Plan.  

2018 Urban Land Institute Oxbow District ReportULI Technical Panel on the Oxbow Placemaking recommendations                               

Napa Valley Visitor Industry 2018 Economic Impact ReportThe economic analysis presented in this study is the output of a year-long research project conducted by Destination Analysts on behalf of Visit Napa Valley. During 2018, Destination Analysts conducted several studies designed to both develop a comprehensive visitor profile and estimate the economic impact of the visitor industry on Napa Valley. 

Napa Valley Transportation Authority Countywide Plan Vision 2040: A Countywide plan is an elaborate vision of how the county will be like in the year 2040. The Countywide plan focuses on transportation resources in the County of Napa and how it can be improved to match the vision goal in the year 2040.               

Downtown Specific Plan: The City Council adopted The Downtown Specific Plan in 2012. The specific plan provides the guiding framework for realizing the vision of a vibrant, healthy, and balanced pedestrian-oriented city center.                        

2040 City of Napa General Plan Update: This website will serve as your one-stop shop for information about the General Plan Update for The City of Napa. This site provides up-to-date information, including a description and schedule of the project, resources, public participation and input opportunities, FAQs, and contact information.