Browns Valley Rd/First Street Rehabilitation


Browns Valley Rd/First St Rehabilitation project consists of repairing the street's deteriorating pavement from Freeway Drive to McCormick Lane. The project's scope of work also includes updating curb ramps, repairing curb/gutter and sidewalk; incorporate sidewalk infill where possible; install Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFBs) at uncontrolled crosswalks, and updating striping and signage. 

This project is funded by Measure T. 

Estimated project cost: 3,500,000

Estimated project schedule: 

Planning: Spring 2020  |  Design: In Progress  |   Construction: Spring/Summer 2024

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August 2023 - Parking protected bike lanes (Class IV) design presented to Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission (BPAC).

September 2022 - Subsurface exploration is complete and dk Engineering will be working on paving design alternatives.  

March 2022 - City has obtained the services of dk Engineering to assist in completing the Browns Valley Rd/First St Rehabilitation Project.