Signs are installed at a location to bring awareness to driving speeds or to enhance user safety. Warning signs can bring awareness to the presence of specific conditions such as a trail crossing, school zone, etc. Speed limit signs define the maximum enforceable speed of a given roadway. The speed limit is set based on geometric design and engineering and traffic surveys. A reduction to the speed limit would require an engineering and traffic survey and may need to be accompanied by changes in roadway geometry.


    Heighten awareness of roadway speed limit or specific conditions.

    Uses a standard traffic control device easily recognizable by motorists.


    Does not physically restrict vehicles from speeding.

    May become less effective over time.

    Can lose effectiveness if used too often.

    Cannot be used to reduce the existing speed limit without an engineering and traffic survey.


    Residential and Collector Streets

    Location where speeding occurs.

    Along roadway curvature.

    Roadways with high bike and pedestrian usage.

    Schools zone.