Bott's Dotts/Raised Reflectors


Bott’s Dots or raised reflectors are small bump linings typically used for lane markings to provide physical feedback to drivers. When applied on roads for traffic calming, rows of dots or indentations in the roadway are installed across a travel lane to alert drivers to upcoming changes in the roadway, such as an upcoming stop sign or traffic signal. They can be used along horizontal curves to help reduce vehicles from drifting off course and can be used as a centerline to reduce encroachment into opposing travel lanes. This treatment is especially recommended under low-visibility conditions.


    Improve driver attentiveness to changes in the roadway.

    Improves safety under low-visibility conditions.


    Requires periodic maintenance/increased maintenance costs.

    Can degrade neighborhood attractiveness.

    Increases noise levels from traffic

    May impact bicyclists.


    Residential and Collector Streets

    Where roadway characteristics change (significant change in speed limit, horizontal curve, end of highway, etc.)