Increased Patrol and Warning/Citations


Traffic enforcement initiatives can target inappropriate driving behaviors, such as speeding. Police departments can issue warnings or citations as needed. The level of enforcement efforts can be dependent upon other competing priorities. Community opinion may vary.


    Effective when officers are present.

    Easily implemented.

    Low impact to normal traffic.

    Can increase the effectiveness of other traffic calming devices.

    Warnings and citations can promote education regarding changes in driving conditions or restrictions.


    Positive impacts are temporary unless programs are continuous.

    Increased workload for police departments.

    Can create negative perceptions of a neighborhood.

    Can negatively impact City and community relations.

    Enforcement is not zero tolerance and depends on officer’s discretion.

    Community members may be angry when they themselves receive citations and may demand neighborhood enforcement to cease.


    School zones.

    Traffic safety corridors.

    Roadways with known speeding concerns.