A curb or striped extension into the roadway that narrows the street forming S-shaped travel path. Chicanes involve staggered placement of chokers on both sides of the road, creating a meandering street. Chicanes can increase the amount of public space available on a corridor and can be activated using benches, bicycle parking, landscaping, and other amenities.


    Potential for reduction in midblock travel speeds by between 3 to 9 mph, according to FHWA.

    Can discourage cut-through traffic.

    Provides opportunity for landscaping.

    Enhances street aesthetic.


    May result in removal of parking.

    Higher design and construction costs.

    Implementation must be coordinated with the local fire department as it may impact emergency vehicle response time.

    Presents a fixed object within travel-way, thus not recommended for foggy environments or where snow may regularly occur.

    May impact drainage.


    Wide residential streets.

    Streets with persistent speeding concerns.