Bulbout/Corner Extension


A corner bulbout, also called a neckdown or corner extension, are located at intersections to decrease the width of the roadway. This reduces crossing distance for pedestrians, enhances safety and comfort, and may reduce vehicle speeds. They tighten the curb radii at the intersections reducing turning vehicle speeds.


    Decrease the overall width of the roadway.

    Serve as a visual cue to drivers that they are entering a neighborhood street or an area with a high volume of pedestrians.

    Increase visibility of pedestrians.

    Reduce pedestrian crossing distances and time.

    Encourage slower turning speeds.


    Not recommended at intersections with high heavy truck traffic left or right turns.

    Requires funding to design and construct.

    May impact emergency vehicle access.

    May impact drainage without proper engineering.


    Any street corner where extension of sidewalk is recommended.

    Downtown areas.

    Locations with high pedestrian volumes.