Downtown Napa Murals

Downtown Napa's temporary mural program, a collaborative effort between the City of Napa and local property owners, is an initiative aimed at revitalizing vacant or transitioning buildings into stunning works of art. These murals, born from the talent of local creatives, breathe vibrancy into the cityscape, adding bursts of color and diverse narratives to otherwise empty spaces. This program allows artists from a variety of art forms to participate in public art.

"Water - It Vines" 

Artist: Paz de la Calzada

Location:  First and Main Street  

This mural is inspired by organic shapes of the local flora and river. The meditative and repetitive lines create a flowing environment that is both inviting and enriching as well as reflecting on human connections with the natural world. Celebrating the vital element of water, Paz invites the viewers  to witness the challenges and opportunities that we face in a changing climate.

About the Artist: 

Paz de la Calzada, a native of Spain, is a San Francisco based artist who creates site-specific murals, installations and public art in playful dialogue with the urban landscape. Her work explores the significance of nature to human life and art’s capacity to heal the broken aspects of our society. 

Paz de la Calzada
paz de la calzada

New murals coming in January 2024! 

"3 Sisters"

Artist: Matley Hurd

Location: Old Bus Depot | 1151 Pearl Street

This piece consists of 3 of Matley’s popular ‘Star Goddess’ characters with his signature abstract-wavy flow pattern surrounding the Bus Depot. With a sunset color palette on a black background, the UV lights give an ethereal-like glow. 

About the Artist:  

Matley Hurd is a San Francisco-based visual artist who mainly works in mixed media painting, digital illustration, and large-scale murals. Incorporating elements from comic books, anime, graffiti, sci-fi and mythology, his work mainly consists of vibrant ethereal beings he calls “Star Goddess”. Accompanied with bold abstract flowing shapes giving an immense feeling of levity and elegance.

Matley got his first breakthrough in 2020 during the pandemic. With the sudden influx of public art at that time, there was an opportunity to showcase his work with hopes to become a full time artist. He started with one small mural and now has many all throughout the Bay Area. He hopes his work can provide joy and inspiration for all. 

Matley Hurd

"Napa Through New Eyes" 

Artist: Israel Valencia

Location: 1351 Second Street

About the Artist: 

Napa is my home and I have photographed its many phases of development, after my family immigrated here from Mexico in 1990. We lived on Riverside Drive, just south of downtown and even then, I noticed that Napa was changing. As a young photographer, I was still learning my craft and took many images like these between 1993-1998 of the buildings and streets that surrounded my home. I love to share these images with my neighbors, locals, and visitors to offer a glimpse of a not so long ago past of this special place in the world.

Israel Valencia project mock up

"Wine Whispers in Color"

Artist: Agnes Pierscieniak

Location: Main and Pearl St.

About the Artist:

Agnes Pierscieniak is an artist, designer and educator living and working in the Napa Valley. Agnes sees art as a catalyst for self-expression and connection. She works with diverse scales and mediums, from logos to large scale public installations. Agnes founded Crave Workshops to teach hands-on creative wellness experiences to corporate and hospitality clients.This piece is part of Agnes’ “Seasons of Change” collection. Using the ephemeral and aptly named medium of Alcohol Inks, Agnes creates an abstract blend inspired by harvest, crush and the Napa River, expressed through color, texture and pattern. Agnes embraces process-based art where an alchemy of materials, timing and chance creates unexpected magic. The vibrant artwork celebrates growth, transformation, and the optimism of new beginnings.

Agnes Pierscieniak mural