SB 1383 Food Recovery Requirements for Businesses

On January 1, 2022, California State Senate Bill (SB) 1383 went into effect as a statewide effort to reduce methane emissions from landfills to help address climate change. In California, landfills are the third largest emitters of methane while organic waste (food scraps, yard trimmings, paper and cardboard) make up 50% of our state’s landfills. To reduce organic waste going into landfills, SB 1383 establishes statewide organic waste recycling and surplus food recovery (donation) programs that require commercial edible food generators to participate in.

If you are a commercial edible food generator (supermarkets, grocery stores, food service providers, food distributors, wholesale food vendors, restaurants, hotels, health facilities, large venues, large events, state agency, schools) in Napa County, you can find more information about SB 1383 and how to comply with its food recovery requirements below:

• Napa County SB 1383 Food Recovery Guide

• CalRecycle information regarding food recovery

• Napa Recycling’s Food Waste Prevention Guide

• SB 1383 Information from CalRecycle (state agency responsible for enforcing SB 1383)