City Attorney

Mission Statement

The City Attorney’s Office provides sound legal advice and support to City officials, working collaboratively to implement policies set by City Council, and diligently advocating the City’s interests.

Department Overview

The City Attorney is appointed by the City Council as the chief legal advisor for the City. The City Attorney’s Office advises the City Council, appointed commissions, and City staff in the conduct of City business and the preparation of legal documents and represents the City‘s interest in civil litigation and administrative proceedings.

The City Attorney’s Office advises City officials regarding actions that are authorized or required to establish, implement, and enforce City laws and policies; and prepares legal documents to implement those City laws and policies, including ordinances, resolutions, regulations, and contracts. The City-related entities represented by the City Attorney include the Housing Authority of the City of Napa, and the Public Financing Authority of the Napa Enhanced Infrastructure Financing District.

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