Code Enforcement Division


The primary responsibility of the Code Enforcement Division is enforcing the City’s Municipal Code pertaining to public nuisances, land use violations, and building code violations.


The Code Enforcement Officer is only authorized to enforce regulations pertaining to residences and business with the City of Napa. Common types of violations that are enforced include, but are not limited to:

  • Building Code violations
  • Fence/hedge/wall height and location
  • Garage sales (excessive)
  • Land use violations (type of use on a property)
  • Licensing for home-based businesses
  • Number of dwelling units on a property
  • Property maintenance (public nuisances)
  • Property maintenance (storage of solid waste and garbage)
  • Recreational vehicles (living in vehicle)
  • Setbacks and height violations
  • Signage (un-authorized)
  • Vehicle repair on private property


Complaints related to alleged violations are received in various ways: community complaints, City Council referrals, inter-city departments, and staff observations. Complaints that have imminent threat of public safety are immediately referred to and handled by the appropriate department; all other complaints are prioritized by severity of violation. If you believe you have a problem to report, please review the types of violations handled through this office (listed above), before completing the form or contacting staff to report a complaint.

Complaints may be submitted using the online Citizen Complaint Form. Please print the form, and when completed return by mail or file at our offices. Please remember to include your name, address, telephone number, and email address. The Code Enforcement Division does not accept anonymous complaints; however, all complaints are kept confidential.

  1. Anthony Howard

    Code Enforcement Officer

  1. Devon Webb

    Code Enforcement Officer

  1. Tony Valadez

    Parking Manager