Service Center

Welcome to the City of Napa's Service Center! By clicking on the buttons below, you can report issues you see around town, from potholes to park issues to streetlight problems and so much more!

Streets & Sidewalks


Report potholes, damaged sidewalks or curbs, dead animals in the roadway, graffiti, litter or debris in City right-of-way, rough road surfaces, sign issues, localized flooding, sinkholes and more.

Streetlights & Traffic Signals


Request new streetlights, report streetlights out, damaged streetlight poles, faulty traffic signals and more.

Water Issues


Report water leaks, water pressure problems or issues with water quality and more.

Construction Site Issues


Report dust, noise, traffic control issues and other problems related to construction sites around town.

Parks & Trees


Report a problem at a park, such as a broken sprinkler, debris or litter, weeds, graffiti and vandalism. Request tree pruning or staking, and report tree issues such as downed trees and pest infestation. 

Drainage & Pollution


Report ponding water, clogged storm drains, pollution, damaged catch basins and more.

Traffic Engineering

Traffic Issues

Radar Signs

Target Speed Enforcement

Report traffic related problems regarding infrastructure, for example, traffic signals (timing issues), street signs, and pavement markings.  Other concerns related to traffic such as visibility or road obstructions can also be reported here.

Request a radar trailer or sign from Napa Police Department.

Abandoned Vehicles


Traffic Violations

Increased Patrol and Warning citation

Report abandoned vehicles in the City right-of-way.

Report observed traffic violations such as speeding, reckless driving or racing, or other violations.