Fair Political Practices Commission Reports

Consistent with state regulations, each person identified in the City of Napa Conflict of Interest Code (PDF) as a "public official identified in California Government Code Section 87200" or as a "designated employee" shall file with the City Clerk a Statement of Economic Interests (Form 700). The intent of the Form 700 is to ensure that decision makers are not using their authority to affect personal financial interests.

The City Clerk's Office collects and maintains Form 700s, as well as provides public access to them. These forms are filed on an annual basis, and upon assuming or leaving office. The City uses an electronic filing system called eDisclosure for conflict of interest disclosure statements. Access to the public portal to review forms, and for individual to file forms may be found via the links below:

City of Napa Disclosure Docs eRetrieval (public portal to view forms)

City of Napa eDisclosure System (for Form 700 Filers)

Elected Officials

Following are the City of Napa elected officials identified in Section 87200:

  • Jill Techel, Mayor
  • Peter Mott, Vice Mayor
  • Doris Gentry, Council Member
  • Jim Krider, Council Member (appointed member)
  • Scott Sedgley, Council Member

The next Annual Statement of Economic Interests is due April 2, 2019. The period covered is calendar year 2018.

Annual Statement of Economic Interests Forms


Questions regarding schedules and disclosures should be addressed to the FPPC staff, who can be contacted by phone 866-275-3772, email or online. You can also mail or deliver completed forms to the City Clerk's Office.

Public Official Appointments - Form 806

Fair Political Practices Commission Form 806 (PDF)  is used to report additional compensation that officials receive when appointing themselves to positions on committees, boards, or commissions, of a public agency, special district, and joint powers agency or authority.