Phase 1 Response Area

Area Details

The Phase 1 area is inundated when Napa Creek overflows. View current Creek levels on the Napa Valley Regional Rainfall and Stream Monitoring System website. Creek flooding may occur even if the Napa River does not leave its banks, or may precede flooding along the River. When the Phase 1 area is threatened, the following streets will be closed:

  • Arroyo Drive
  • Behrens Street
  • Brown Street (Between Yount and Pearl)
  • Caymus Street
  • Center Street
  • Clinton Street
  • Coleman Street
  • Coombs Street (Between Pearl and Arroyo)
  • Earl Street
  • Eggleston Street
  • Grigsby Court
  • Jerry Lane
  • Main Street (Between Yount and First)
  • Napa Street
  • Nursery Street
  • Pearl Street between Coombs and Soscol
  • Seminary Street between Hayes and Calistoga
  • Tulocay Street
  • Vallejo Street
  • West Street
  • Yajome Street (Between Yount and Pearl)
  • Soscol Avenue/SR121 (Between Kansas Avenue and Shetler Avenue)
  • Trancas Street (Between Soscol and Silverado Trail/Monticello Road)