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Message from the Director

Our department is here to serve the Napa community.  We also are here to support our internal customers within other City departments, so they are able to focus on serving the community.  We work to develop, operate and maintain critical infrastructure and to provide excellent service. 

Our team has responsibility for the City streets, sidewalks, and drainage.  We also provide services to improve and maintain City facilities and manage the vehicle and equipment fleet.  Additionally, the department handles development engineering review and design of Capital Improvement Projects within the City.  Our department is comprised of 83 dedicated public works professionals with expertise in construction, maintenance, engineering, administration, fleet management, traffic operations, facility maintenance, and electrical systems.  

As we work within the community, we strive to minimize disruptions, communicate what we’re doing and why we’re doing it, complete the work as efficiently as possible, and build and maintain the City’s infrastructure in a manner that best serves the community and that the community is proud of.  As we develop our work plans, we work to balance the available financial and staffing resources to tackle the work with the most positive impacts for the community.    

Some of our department’s major initiatives center around improving our neighborhood streets and sidewalks.  The City is investing in a program to improve all local residential streets and repair the sidewalks at the same time.  The Streets and Sidewalk Map (PDF) shows our progress and schedules for our future work.   The City also invests in a Capital Improvement Program to improve City facilities and infrastructure.  View the project's interactive map to see our current and recent completed projects.  

I began working in Napa almost 20 years ago.  I have been fortunate to work with extraordinary people in local government and within the community.  Together we’ve completed important projects including bridge replacements, flood reduction along the Napa River and Napa Creek, environmental restoration, traffic improvements, new pedestrian and bike facilities, park construction, street and sidewalk repairs, and recently the completion of the First Street roundabouts project.  This is a strong and collaborative community and our team is motivated to continue providing exceptional service to all that live and work here.      

You can contact me at [email protected] or at 257-9520. 


Our Services

We provide and sustain public works services in the best interests of the community. The Public Works Department maintains streets, storm drains, streetlights, traffic signals, sidewalks, and Capital Improvement projects.

Public Works provides presentation updates on Streets & Sidewalk Repairs to City Council. Listed below are the past presentations. 

If you need to report a pothole, sidewalk, street light or any other issues please visit the City’s Service Center.

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    Julie Lucido

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