Fleet Information

Fleet by the Numbers

  • Fleet’s in-house 4.5 Equipment Mechanics perform repairs, scheduled maintenance, mobile maintenance, some up-fitting, and specialized inspections
  • City promotes ASE, Fire Marshal’s Mechanic, and Welding AWA Certifications
  • 342-Vehicle fleet to include Fire, Police, Parks, Admin, and Public Works units
  • Annual Miles (Total Fleet): 1,191,029
  • Annual Gallons of Fuel (Total Fleet): 158,390

Green Fleet

The City Fleet Division Supports the City’s Sustainability Plan reducing emissions by implementing the following plan:

  • When replacing vehicles, reduce engine sizes for example replacing V8 to V6 engines thus increasing fuel efficiency while reducing their carbon foot print
  • When possible procure hybrid/electric or all electric vehicles
  • Retired vehicles when they have met their useful life to eliminate EPA concerns
  • Use of Telematics to monitor vehicle performance efficiently and repair malfunctions promptly to prevent damage to the environment