Water Division

Utilities Department BuildingThe Water Division of the Utilities Department is responsible for the operation, maintenance, and improvement of the municipal drinking water system serving 87,000 people in the City of Napa and adjacent areas. The Water Division is dedicated to providing a safe and reliable supply of high-quality drinking water for its residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional customers. A comprehensive review of the City’s water system is contained in the Urban Water Management Plan. The Plan describes and evaluates water supply sources, projected demand, water conservation, and overall water service reliability through 2035.

Current News:

  • As we recognize the current drought conditions, water conservation becomes the important tool in preserving our supplies.
  • For free water-saving devices and tips, Drive Up To a Greener You! on Saturday, May 22 from 10am to 2pm at Second and Seminary Streets, next to Fire Station #1.
  • Once again, May is Bay-Friendly Garden Month! Connect to a series of virtual garden visits, workshops, and local resources that can help you adopt sustainable, water-wise practices.
  • 2021 Napa County Water Conservation Video Contest is open to all students and families, with top prize of $250! Theme is Imagine Our Water-Wise Future. 30-second video entries are due May 28.
  • Explore Napa Library's Online Napa Valley Watershed Tour.
  • Will PG&E planned power outages affect my water service?
  • Need a letter from the City of Napa for the PG&E Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP)? Use this form.
  • Aging Pressure Regulators (PDF) at older homes in Browns Valley may fail and cause sudden high pressure spikes that can damage indoor appliances. Customers are encouraged to replace failed regulators, and call 707-257-9521 with any service concerns
  • City of Napa Water has moved! We have joined the rest of the Utilities Department in our new office at 1700 Second Street, Suite 100 (intersection of Second & Seminary Streets).