Water Division

COVID-19 Update:
Clean, safe, reliable drinking water service continues.
Utilities Department offices are closed to the public.
Lake Hennessey Boat Dock is OPEN.

  • Your water is safe to drink. Providing drinking water to the community is an essential service and the City of Napa is committed to the uninterrupted delivery of water during this challenging time. Our existing water treatment and disinfection processes keep your water safe from bacteria and viruses, including the novel coronavirus.
  • During the Shelter-at-Home Order, you will continue to see City water utility employees performing critical services to operate and maintain the water system. Staff will follow CDC and Napa County Public Health guidelines while working in the community, including social distancing. Continuing activities include:
    • water treatment plant operations
    • emergency leak repairs of public water mains
    • necessary maintenance of tanks, pump stations, valves, fire hydrants
    • legally required water quality sampling in neighborhoods (hundreds of locations)
    • meter reading and urgent customer service calls (staff will not enter homes)
  • We will avoid shutting off water for normal maintenance activities. In the event of an unforeseen leak or other unexpected issue causing interruption in service, our highest priority is to fix the problem and restore water service as quickly as possible.
  • The main Utilities Department office at 1700 Second Street and the Corporation Yard on Jackson Street are closed to the public until further notice. Please call 707-257-9521 8:00 am-5:00 pm weekdays for staff assistance over the phone or to make an appointment. For after-hours emergencies, call 707-253-4451.
    • Trucked water filling at the Corporation Yard is suspended until further notice. As an alternative, call 707-257-9508 to request a hydrant meter. Expect some delays in processing due to limited staffing at City Hall.
  • The water bill payment center inside City Hall is closed. Payments can be made via mail,  online, or the drop box in front of City Hall (955 School Street). If you have questions about your bill, please call 707-257-9508. There will be no water shutoffs due to delinquent payment during this emergency.
  • Our Water RateShare Discount of $25 per water bill remains available for low-income single-family residential customers who are already enrolled in the PG&E CARE program. Call 707-257-9508 if you are eligible and have not yet enrolled in RateShare.
  • Concerned that Shelter-at-Home will increase your home’s water use (and water bill)? Fixing leaks and other indoor and outdoor conservation measures can help offset any increase.   

City of Napa Water looks forward to resuming full services as soon as the emergency order is lifted. We appreciate your patience and urge all customers to adhere to Shelter-at-Home guidelines.

Utilities Department BuildingThe Water Division of the Utilities Department is responsible for the operation, maintenance, and improvement of the municipal drinking water system serving 87,000 people in the City of Napa and adjacent areas. The Water Division is dedicated to providing a safe and reliable supply of high-quality drinking water for its residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional customers. A comprehensive review of the City’s water system is contained in the Urban Water Management Plan. The Plan describes and evaluates water supply sources, projected demand, water conservation, and overall water service reliability through 2035.

Current News:

  • Seasonal 'turnover' of Lake Hennessey may cause temporary taste and/or odor issues. Your tap water is safe to drink and meets all State and Federal standards.
  • The City’s annual Drinking Water Quality Report is available online. Paper copies will be mailed upon request by calling 707-257-9521. Learn about your tap water and the stringent Federal and State health standards it meets.
  • Will PG&E planned power outages affect my water service?
  • Need a letter from the City of Napa for the PG&E Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP)? Use this form.
  • New Online Water Bill Payment portal is live!
  • Annual Hydrant Flushing Program runs from January through Spring 2020. Check the program’s web page for maps of current flushing locations. Flushing is currently suspended due to COVID-19 Emergency.
  • City of Napa Water has moved! We have joined the rest of the Utilities Department in our new office at 1700 Second Street, Suite 100 (intersection of Second & Seminary Streets).
  • Aging Pressure Regulators (PDF) at older homes in Browns Valley may fail and cause sudden high pressure spikes that can damage indoor appliances. Customers are encouraged to replace failed regulators, and call 707-257-9521 with any service concerns
  • We may not be in drought, but Water Waste Prohibitions remain in effect.