Sidewalks, Curbs, & Gutters

The Maintenance Division maintains sidewalks, curbs, gutters, and ADA ramps within the right-of-way. The City has three programs to address sidewalk maintenance; Sidewalk Improvement Program, Sidewalk Cost-Share Program and Sidewalk Shaving Program.

If you are concerned about the condition of a sidewalk or would like to report a sidewalk in need of repair or replacement please visit the City’s Service Center or call us at 707-257-9520.

Sidewalk Improvement Program

In advance of the Street Resurfacing Program, our in-house maintenance crews in conjunction with contractors, work ahead of planned paving work to repair or install sidewalk, curb, gutter, and ADA ramps. The program aims to install 1,200 cubic yards of concrete which typically allows work at 250 to 300 locations. The program budget is approximately $1.5 million. There were 161 locations of sidewalk repairs completed from July 2019 through December 2020.

Sidewalk Cost-Share Program

**UPDATE: On October 6, 2020, City Council voted to approve an update to the Sidewalk Cost Share Program. Applicants will be eligible for reimbursement on costs up to 60% on items that are currently 50%. The update has an effective start date of January 2021. Until that time, the program will remain as it is listed below. For more information, review the Sidewalk Cost Share Program Council Presentation (PDF)****

The Sidewalk Cost-Share Program was enacted by City Council in 1990 for expedient repair of sidewalks and other frontage improvements damaged by street trees throughout the City. The program allows property owners to replace street trees, sidewalk, curb, gutter, and driveway approaches and receive a partial reimbursement from the City. The program is funded yearly by the General Fund.

Given the workload for maintenance crews to address the magnitude of sidewalk repairs throughout the City, the Cost-Share program is often the most expedient option for repairing sidewalks in front of your home.

To apply for a partial reimbursement of repairs to your driveway approach, and sidewalk, curb and gutter located in the public right-of-way, download the Sidewalk Repair Program application (PDF). All work requires a permit. Call 707-257-9520 or email [email protected] for information on obtaining a permit.

Sidewalk Shaving Program

The Sidewalk Shaving Program addresses sidewalks that are raised more than 1½ inches. The annual budget is $60,000.