Sidewalks, Curbs, & Gutters

Improving the condition of the City’s existing sidewalk infrastructure is a priority for City Council and staff. As such, the City of Napa is making significant investments in repairing the existing sidewalk infrastructure throughout the City. For the fiscal year 22/23, the City has budgeted approximately $2.5 million for sidewalk repairs. Reports for the sidewalk repairs made in 2019 through 2020 and for 2021 are also available.

All sidewalk damage in the City’s right of way can be reported by using the City’s Service Center or by telephone. Reports received by phone will be entered into the Service Center system. Damage reports are then evaluated by City staff (see the Priority Location Program section below).

City crews place asphalt material at the broken/displaced sidewalk to reduce the abrupt edge that exists at most reported sites. This process is completed as a temporary measure to provide a quick improvement but is not intended to be a permanent repair.

The City addresses sidewalk repairs through the following avenues, which are explained in more detail in the drop-downs below:

1.    Napa Neighborhood Streets and Sidewalks Program

2.    Priority Location Program

3.    Sidewalk Cost Share Program

4.    Sidewalk Shaving Program 

5.    Capital Improvement Program Projects

Sidewalk Repair Before and After

Sidewalk Replaccement Bulb outThe Napa Neighborhood Streets and Sidewalks Program  resurfaces residential streets and repairs sidewalks and drainage systems. This program accomplishes work by grouping repairs in neighborhoods rather than various locations throughout the City. Working in a concentrated area allows for larger areas to be completed and improves worker efficiency by limiting the number of crew and equipment mobilizations.

In addition to sidewalks, the Neighborhood Sidewalk Program includes curb and gutter repairs and accessible curb ramp installation prior to street paving. Repairs to the curb and gutter improve stormwater drainage. Accessible ramps are required to be upgraded by law and serve our community members that experience reduced mobility.

The described work is primarily completed by City crews who are experienced in public infrastructure repair and maintenance and have extensive knowledge of the City infrastructure.