Traffic Signage, Signals, & Pavement Markings

Traffic Signage

The Maintenance Division is responsible for the maintenance, repair, and installation of regulatory signage. The Division has state-of-the-art sign-making equipment to manufacture signage that meet the specifications of the Federal Highway Administration and California Department of Transportation. The division is constantly inspecting the visibility and condition of signage and replacing or upgrading when necessary. In addition, signage no longer necessary is removed.

Report a Damaged or Missing Sign

To report a damaged, worn, or missing sign call 707-257-9520.

Pavement Markings

The Maintenance Division is responsible for applying pavement markings such center line stripes, road edge line, stop bars, and pedestrian crosswalks. Several types of materials are used such as thermoplastic (granular material that is melted and applied at 375 degrees), Latex paint applied with an airless sprayer, and tape that is applied with an adhesive. Pavement markings, especially around schools, are inspected annually and applied as needed. Pavement markings on roadways are inspected every other year.

Report Work Pavement Markings

To report pavement markings that are worn, call 707-257-9520.

Traffic Signals

The Maintenance Division is responsible for maintenance, repair and replacement of 90 signalized intersections.

Report a Signal Outage or Malfunction

To report a traffic signal outage or malfunction, please call us at 707-257-9520.