Park & Facility Planning

Parks & Facilities Master Plan

The City of Napa Parks & Recreation Services Department (Department) is responsible for the visioning, development and refurbishment of all public parks, plazas, and recreation facilities. To comprehensively achieve this mission, the Department has established, or is in the process of developing, plans for providing high quality parks and recreation facilities for residents and visitors to the City of Napa. Most notably, the Department developed the Parks and Facilities Master Plan in 2010 to detail an examination of existing park sites and recommendations for improvement. Additionally, the Department in part oversees and manages the City’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP), which includes various park projects involving the acquisition, design, and/or construction of capital facilities. To learn more, access the following pages:

Additional information on park network amenities, facilities and park use may be accessed through the following pages:

  1. Parks & Recreation Services

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    1500 Jefferson St
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    Emergency Phone: 707-257-9223