Swimming Lessons & Programs

The City of Napa Parks and Recreation Services Department offers aquatics programs throughout the summer. The following are held at the Harvest Middle School pool and/or the Napa High School Pool. 

Swim Lessons

Parent/Child Water Orientation (6-36 months) 

This program allows a parent and child to play together in the water, learning some basic skills to be comfortable in the pool and prepare for independent swim lessons after age 3.

Tadpole Group Lessons (age 3-5) 

Small classes for beginning swimmers. Designed to teach water orientation, breath holding, rhythmic bobbing and assisted front and back floats as well as beginning arm circles and kicks.

Levels 1-4 Group Lessons (age 5+) 

Small classes that allow each student to advance in their swim skills and progress towards more efficient swimming and water safety.

Private Lessons (All ages) 

Private lessons are available for all swim levels. Lessons for levels 5 and above are only available as private lessons.Photo of little boy in swimming pool during a swim lesson.

Other Aquatics Programs

Pre-Competitive Swim Workout (age 7-16)

Designed for those who are too advanced for swim lessons or just not ready to commit to a full-time swim team. This 6 week class takes swimming skills to the next level. Focus is made on fine-tuning strokes and increasing endurance.

Junior Guard (age 11-14) 

This program provides the opportunity for teens/pre-teens to challenge themselves both mentally and physically through a series of classroom sessions, in-water training, on-deck drills and actual hands-on learning in the areas of life guarding. This course has been designed to give students the tools necessary to be successful when they take the lifeguard training course at age 15.

Lap Swim (age 16+)

2-3 lap lanes will be open for ages 16+ to engage in continuous lap swimming. Register online or at our office. No on-site registration allowed.

Lifeguard Certification Training (age 15+, only held in the Spring)

Through videos, group discussion and hands-on practice, you’ll learn teamwork, rescue & surveillance skills, First Aid, CPR/AED and other skills needed to work as a lifeguard. Students must be at least 15 years old by the last day of class. Students also must pass certain swimming requirements and written exams at the end of the course to receive the certification. 

Rec Swim (All ages. Children under 12 must be accompanied by and adult)

The Napa High Pool is open for recreational swim, Tuesday-Saturday from 1-4pm. A variety of types of passes can be purchased including, daily individual  passes, family seasons passes and individual seasons passes.

Special Needs Swim (age 16+)

This time allows time to cool off, work on therapeutic exercises, and meet new friends in a non-crowded pool environment.