Special Event & Film Permits

Gatherings and events are prohibited by the County Health Order governing the COVID 19 Shelter at Home Order. Special event permits will not be granted at this time. Film Permit requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and may be granted based on the current State of California Music, Television, and Film Production Protocols.

The Department of Parks and Recreation coordinates and facilitates Special Event and Film Permits for the City of Napa through the City of Napa's Special Event Committee. Committee members include department representatives from Police, Fire, Public Works, Recycling and Solid Waste and partners from Napa Count and the California Highway Patrol. 

Types of Event Permits

Permits events can be characterized into three categories:

  • General Events: organized activities that have a stationary footprint requiring the closure of roads or public squares or plazas, often involving amplified noise, food, beverage, merchandise, or other forms of entertainment. Examples include festivals, markets, and ceremonies.
  • Parades, Races, and Walks: organized activities following a set course that involve full or partial closure of City streets, sidewalks, or pathways.
  • Film and Photography: any film or photography produced on City property for commercial purposes.

Special Event Permit Requirements

Any event utilizing public parks, streets and/or facilities with one or more of the following items requires a special event permit:

  • Total event attendance with more than 250 people
  • Use or closures of any public street, sidewalks or public right away
  • Amplified sound
  • Selling food, alcohol or merchandise
  • Selling tickets
  • Advertising an event open to the public on public property
  • Requiring stages, tents, barricades, fences or other items