Civic Center Project

About the Project

Over the past several years, beginning as early as 2009, the City Council has been publicly discussing alternative methods of addressing the costly inefficiencies of serving the community from undersized and aging buildings. The City outgrew its facilities many years ago, which has led to City services being spread out into multiple facilities throughout the City. This is an inefficient way for our employees to provide services to the community, and it makes it difficult for members of the public who are required to visit multiple buildings to obtain City services.

It is also costly, as the City is paying for the costs of leasing buildings not owned by the City, and the City will be facing maintenance costs on aging facilities with a backlog of deferred maintenance. Lastly, there is a need to upgrade the City’s Public Safety facilities to comply with state-required seismic standards. Essentially, there are two options available to the City to address these concerns, either of which will require the City to incur significant costs. The City could undertake the cost of continuing to use and maintain existing facilities, but that is likely to cost tens of millions of dollars due to the need to create additional space for undersized facilities and meet minimum building safety requirements, as well as the ongoing costs of leasing buildings.

Alternatively, the City could consolidate all City services into a new facility (based on one of the two proposals to be considered by Council on May 30), which would provide the City with an opportunity to free up valuable City property for private development, which in turn would generate revenue to offset project costs based on the sale of land as well as tax revenue flowing from subsequent economic development.

Project Objectives

The New Public Safety and City Administration Building involves the financing, design, construction, operation and maintenance of a Public Safety Building and City Hall and also provides opportunities for private development.

  • The City’s objectives related to the project include:
    • Develop an efficient and modern Police & Fire and City Administration Building that
    • Provides modern and efficient Public Safety Facilities
    • Co-locates City functions for operational, energy and cost efficiencies
    • Provides spaces designed for collaboration and engagement with the public
    • Provides customer-oriented service counters and space
    • Provides a modern City Council Chamber and new public meeting and reception space
    • Achieves workflow efficiencies and allow flexible design layouts
    • Fully integrates technology in work areas
    • Avoids expensive maintenance and renewal work required to maintain current facilities
  • Re-purpose excess City property to free-up valuable downtown real estate for development in order to:
    • Contribute to the revitalization of downtown and create jobs
    • Provide offsetting revenues to pay for some of the cost associated with the new City facilities
    • Enhance the gateway to downtown on First Street

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