Patrol Bureau


Most likely, if you call for police assistance, a Patrol Officer in a black and white police car from the Patrol Bureau will respond. There are over 40 Officers in patrol. These men and women patrol the streets 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Patrol Bureau split into two teams, the 3/12.5 hour and the 10 hours teams. One team works a 3/12.5 schedule, three 12.5-hour days per week with one additional 10-hour day a month and the other team works a 4/10 schedule, four ten-hour days per week. There are three shifts: day shift, swing shift, and graveyard shift.

Napa Patrol Officers duties are many, including what most would consider traditional law enforcement:

  • Arrest and book criminal offenders
  • Conduct on scene investigations, including fingerprinting, photography, interviewing, and interrogation
  • Facilitate problem solving efforts with members of the community
  • Patrol an assigned area, checking residential and business areas for illegal activity
  • Response to emergency, in-progress crimes
  • Stop traffic violators and warn or cite the driver
  • Write crime reports documenting incidents

Specialty & Ancillary Assignments

Napa Police Officers have the opportunity to work many specialty and ancillary assignments, such as:

  • Bicycle Patrol
  • Crime Scene Specialist
  • Crisis Negotiator
  • DARE Officer
  • Field Training Officer
  • Honor Guard
  • Police Canine
  • SWAT