Bicycle Registration

Bike Index Registration

The City of Napa is partnering with the Napa County Bicycle Coalition to combat bike theft by offering free, online bicycle registration through Bike Index, which is a national bicycle serial number registry. The online registration system allows people to submit detailed information regarding their bicycle.    

The details about you and your bicycle will be accessible to law enforcement. In addition, your bicycle can also be outfitted with a Bike Index tamper-proof, water-resistant, QR-coded Bike Index sticker. The QR-coded sticker provides law enforcement with the ability to scan the sticker to retrieve your information and notify you that your bicycle has been stopped and/or recovered. The QR-coded Bike Index sticker is not required to register your bicycle, but it increases the chances of your bicycle being recovered if it were stolen. 

Below is the Napa Police Department Bike Index registration form. Once you have registered your bicycle with the Napa Police Department you will receive an email from Bike Index. Please follow the instructions on the email to complete the registration process.  

QR-Coded Bike Stickers

Bike Index QR coded stickerIf you would like to outfit your bicycle with a QR-coded sticker they can be purchased directly from Bike Index for $5 or they can be purchased at the Napa Police Department by making a $2 donation to the Napa County Bicycle Coalition. 

Once you receive the sticker, edit your bicycle information in Bike Index and add your personalized sticker ID number.      

Add Your Registered Bike to the Napa Police Department's Bike Index Database

If your bicycle is already registered with Bike Index either by a bike shop at the time of purchase or you registered it on your own, you can add it to the Napa Police Department’s Bike Index database by following these steps: 

  • Log in to your Bike Index account 
  • Select the gears in the top right corner and select ‘Your Bikes’ 
  • Select ‘Edit Bike’ on the bicycle you would like to add 
  • On the left side bar select ‘Groups and Organizations’  
  • Select ‘Napa Police Dept’ from the drop down list and then be sure to ‘Save Changes’

Your bicycle will now be registered with the Napa Police Department. It is that easy! If you would like to outfit your bicycle with a QR-coded sticker follow the directions above. 

 Need help finding your serial number on your bike?  Check out this Bike Index Blog.