Standard Plans & Specifications 

The “City of Napa Standard Specifications and Standard Plans” (City Standards) is a document that provides a summary and guide to key elements of the regulations and policies governing the design and construction of public improvements within the City of Napa.

The City of Napa requires design engineers, developers, and contractors to comply with the City Standards for projects within the City right-of-way and for City maintained facilities within easements. City Standards are intended to create uniformity of constructed infrastructure. Standardization of constructed facilities provides the City with the best value by minimizing long-term maintenance and operational costs.


The 2022 Standard Specifications are organized by the following sections: 1. General Provisions, 2. Drainage Standards, 3. Street Standards, 4. Landscaping Standards, 5. Water Distribution System Provisions, 6. Signals, Lighting, and Electrical Systems, and 7. Solid Waste, Recyclable Materials & Compostable. Sections 6 and 7 are new sections in the 2022 Standard Specifications update. The Revised Standard Specification List will be updated with revisions made after January 2022 publishing date.


The 2022 Standard Plans have been reorganized to follow the chronology of the Standard Specifications as follow: Drainage, Stormwater Quality, Streets, Fire, Parks and Landscaping, Street Trees, Water, Electrical, and Solid Waste and Recyclable. Standard Plans that have been retired, reserved (in review for future publication), and are new as part of the 2022 update are listed in the Revised Standard Plans List. The list includes Standard Plan revisions made after January 2022 publishing date.