Recycling Program Information

Free Waste Assessments

Can you decrease the garbage bill at your school, business, or apartment building?
Are you paying to dispose of materials that could be recycled at no charge? Learn how to take advantage of ALL the recycling services the City of Napa offer. We will schedule a site visit to help you determine what services are right for your business. We help give you a strategy to reduce waste, recycle more and save money.  Call us at 257-9200 or email us.

Free Interior Bins

Do you need a better way to get the recycling from your office, classroom, or apartment to the bins outside?  The City of Napa offers free interior recycling equipment for schools, businesses and multi-family complexes.  Order your bin here.

Bay Area Green Business Program

Napa County is part of the Bay Area Green Business Program. More than 1,700 businesses & organizations have been certified by the Bay Area Green Business program since 1997! Napa’s program works primarily with small to medium-sized, locally based organizations. Green Businesses benefit from free technical assistance and public promotions, enjoy a positive community image and are seen as leaders in sustainable business. To become a certifi ed Green Business, your business must be in compliance with all environmental regulations and then you need to implement a minimum number of measures in four different areas. Those four areas are energy efficiency, water conservation, pollution prevention and solid waste reduction/recycling. The Green Business program has checklists for different types of businesses that cover these four areas and many businesses find they have adopted many of the measures already. For information about all other business types check the Green Biz website.