Vehicle for Hire Permit

Obtaining a Permit

The Vehicle for Hire Permit is issued by the Police Department following successful completion of the application process. The applicant should follow these steps:

  1. Applicant requests a permit application from City of Napa collections. Applicant must complete the Special Permits Application Form (PDF) from City of Napa collections. The application is available at:
        City Hall
        Collections Window
        955 School Street
        Napa, CA 94559
  2. Applicant should read the application and realize their criminal history will be checked which includes a Live Scan (Fingerprints). If they falsify the application in any way their permit will be denied. Any convictions must be stated.
  3. Applicant pays fees to City of Napa Collections.
  4. Applicant calls Napa Police Department Records Bureau at 707-257-9573 and secures an appointment for a Live Scan (fingerprints). Call Sergeant Andrew Hess at 707-258-7885 or email Andrew Hess to schedule an appointment. (Note: sometimes the interview/Live Scan cannot be scheduled for several days due to other conflicts.)
  5. Applicant must possess a valid, current California Drivers License and must present it at the time of the interview with Napa Police. (Any form of official identification will do, so we can conduct a complete background check) To work as a Vehicle for Hire operator in California, applicant must possess a California Driver’s License upon employment.
  6. Applicant will give Napa Police permission to conduct a Criminal History background check. All previously used names (AKA) must be provided.