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D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) America

To provide children with the information and skills they need to live drug-and-violence-free lives. D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) is a collaborative program in which local law enforcement and local schools join together to educate students about the personal and social consequences of substance abuse and violence. For more information view the D.A.R.E America website.

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DARE Safe Schools Foundation

The Safe Schools Foundation was founded in 1992 to support the connection between law enforcement and schools. The group originally raised money for DARE drug-education program at elementary schools (taught by retired police officers). Since then, the group has expanded to fund other combined efforts with law enforcement, such as gang resistance education, school safety programs and more. The Safe Schools Foundation currently has six board members and consistently raises $22,000 per year. The Board has recently experienced a full turnover. New leaders hope to create a new board dynamic, a new set of fundraising and operation plans, and build a new name and face for the organization. There are so many well-publicized gaps the foundation should support: School Resource Officers, School Violence, Evidence-based Drug Prevention Programs, Disaster Preparedness, and more. The Foundation has fundraising and operational capacity to support these important community issues.

LEGACY Napa Valley

The LEGACY Project cultivates/activates youth academic success, critical consciousness, community leadership, college/career readiness and our humanity. The LEGACY Project provides a positive, healthy, safe and challenging educational space for at promise youth to cultivate a foundation that supports and activates their academic success, critical consciousness, community leadership, college/career readiness and further developing their humanity. For more information view the LEGACY Napa Valley Facebook page.

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Our Partner Agency, Napa County Sheriff's Department Youth Development

Hunter Education

The Hunter Education course is designed for the new hunter and seasoned hunter alike. The course covers several topics that include safe weapon handling, legal responsibilities, fair chase, game identification, wildlife law, as well as ecological and environmental awareness, preservation and conservation. The main focus of the Hunter Education course is safety and ethics. The course is required by the California Department of Fish and Game for all new hunters before they can obtain a hunting license. For additional information regarding hunters education view the Napa County Hunters Education page.

Sheriff's Activities League (SAL)

Napa SAL is a community-based crime prevention program that brings kids under the supervision and constructive influence of law enforcement and provides quality activities designed to develop discipline, self-esteem, mutual trust, and respect. Napa SAL is part of the National Association of Police Activities Leagues, with a membership of more than one and a half million children, served by more than 300 law enforcement agencies, in over 700 cities and 1,700 facilities throughout the United States. Discover additional information on the Napa County SAL page.

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