Water Conservation

Water use efficiency and conservation form an integral part of the City of Napa's long-term water management strategy. The City has worked to keep system demands low and is now looking ahead to Making Water Conservation a California Way of Life. For our customers this means we are available to help you make every drop count, and every drop you save will reduce your own water bill.

From 1997 to 2002, demand on our water system averaged 170 gallons per capita per day (gpcd). Since 2010, demand has averaged just 130 gpcd, including a low of 114 gpcd in 2016. This trend results from the evolution of water-efficient appliances, City ordinances and programs, and water recycling. We look to continue this progress by offering our customers a variety of conservation tips, financial incentives, and educational opportunities.

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Simple actions can make a big difference:

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Our Water-Saving Partnerships:

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  • Check out the Save Our Water video: Quick Facts about Water Use in California - And Why You Should Conserve
  • Reminder for Outside City customers: Whether located inside or outside the City limits, if your site is served by the City of Napa water system (i.e. you receive a City of Napa water bill) then you are eligible for all of our water-saving incentives.