Water-Wise Landscaping Workshops

The City of Napa teams with other local agencies to sponsor Free Water-Wise Landscaping Workshops made possible by the expertise of the UC Master Gardeners, the California Native Plant Society (CNPS) Napa Valley Chapter, the Napa County Resource Conservation District (RCD), and area professionals. Topics are designed for Napa Valley residents interested in maintaining and beautifying their yards while minimizing their water use. The workshops feature expert presenters, free water-saving tools, literature, topical door prizes, and the latest on state and local rebate programs. Water conservation is a way of life in California. Outdoor efficiency remains the key to our water future.

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2020 Highlights:

In 2020, the City and the RCD sponsored three workshops as part of the Napa County Library’s H2O Superhero program.

Wednesday, February 26
Rainwater Harvesting and Rain Gardens

Rain Garden PhotoRain Barrels PhotoMore than 50 attendees learned how to actively collect and store rainwater for later irrigation use, with Jesse Savou, founder/owner of BlueBarrel Rainwater Catchment Systems. They also discovered the beauty and benefits of specialized rain gardens with Holly Johnson of GSM Landscape Architects. This passive rainwater harvesting option reduces runoff and pollution while creating habitat for native species. Session also included three local residents’ rainwater harvesting case studies.
View the February 26 Rainwater Harvesting Slides (PDF) and February 26 Rain Gardens Slides (PDF).

Wednesday, September 30 (ONLINE ONLY)
Smart Irrigation and Drip Systems

Drip EmitterControllerCity water conservation staff encouraged participants to spruce up their sprinklers, reduce seasonal overwatering, and upgrade to a weather-based "smart" controller. Patty Hamilton of Harmony Farm Supply helped solve the mysteries of drip irrigation, the most efficient water delivery system for most plants. Drip system components were displayed and assembled. Watering strategies for trees, vegetables, and shrubs were reviewed.
Download the September 30 Presentation Slides (PDF).
View the recorded workshop.

Wednesday, October 21 (ONLINE ONLY)
Greywater Systems

GreywaterCity Water Conservation Specialist Josh Stokes explored options for sending used household indoor water through mulch and soil to nourish plants in the landscape, including modeling of a basic Laundry-to-Landscape Greywater System that reuses washing machine outflow without needing a costly permit.
Download the October 21 Presentation Slides (PDF).
View the recorded workshop.

Highlights of our 2019 event:

October 15, 2019:  Water-Wise Plant Show

CeanothusJust in time for the fall planting season, nearly 60 attendees saw local landscape designer Katherine Novick demonstrate that water-efficient is anything but boring.  Colorful and beautiful trees, shrubs, perennials, grasses, vines, and groundcovers were reviewed, along with water-wise landscape design examples.  Dozens of live plants were on hand, including California natives, and some lucky attendees went home with plants as door prizes! Local rebates and demonstration gardens were publicized.
View the October 15 Presentation Slides (PDF).

Highlights of our Fall 2018 Water-Wise Landscaping Workshop Series:

September 12, 2018:  Smart Watering Strategies

ControllerDrip EmitterAfter some seasonal tips on "taking control of your controller" to avoid lawn overwatering, Harmony Farm Supply staff solved the mysteries of drip irrigation, the most efficient water delivery system for most plants.  Real-life drip applications were discussed and system components were be displayed.  All attendees enjoyed some hands-on practice.  View the September 12 Presentation Slides (PDF).

September 19, 2018:  Soils, Mulches, and More

Wheel BarrowRain CloudFollowing a summary of the eight principles of water-wise landscaping, local Master Gardeners thoroughly reviewed our local soils and how to improve them with aeration, amendments, and mulch.  The "sheet mulching" technique for lawn removal was highlighted, along with ways to capture rainwater and design an effective rain garden.  The landscape design concept of hydrozones was introduced.
View the September 19 Presentation Slides (PDF).

September 26, 2018:  Choosing the Right Plants

FlowerLandscape architect Jennifer de Graaf demonstrated that water-efficient is anything but boring.  Colorful and beautiful tree, shrub, perennial, grass, vine, and groundcover species were discussed, along with landscape design principles.  Dozens of plants were on hand for viewing, including California natives.  "Cash for Grass" rebates and local demonstration gardens were publicized.  View the September 26 Presentation Slides (PDF).

Workshop Crowd
Workshop Speaker