School Education

Knowledge of local, regional, and global water supply issues allows citizens to make appropriate decisions in preserving today's water for tomorrow's generation. A water conservation ethic instilled at an early age will last a lifetime.

As one of the founding members of the Environmental Education Coalition of Napa County (EECNC), the City of Napa Water Division is committed to working with local schools and youth groups to provide the best possible water education opportunities. View the EECNC web site for details. To take advantage of our free water education programs, please call 707-257-9309 or Email the Water Resources Analyst. Current offerings include:

Project WET (small)

Project WET Workshop

Napa County teachers can gain access to award-winning classroom activities and earn a $100 stipend or 0.5 CEUs by participating in Project WET for the Napa Valley, six hours of hands-on, action-packed training. Stay tuned for our next local offering. Project WET (Water Education for Teachers) promotes awareness, appreciation, knowledge, and stewardship of water resources through the dissemination of classroom-ready teaching aids. Interdisciplinary activities for grades K-12 are designed to enhance existing curriculum and are aligned to Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Water Treatment Plant Field Trip

Tour of the Edward I. Barwick Jamieson Canyon Water Treatment Plant, either separately or as part of combined full-day trip in conjunction with Napa Recycling and Composting Facility and Napa Sanitation District Water Recycling Facility. Water Treatment Plant portion is 60 to 90 minutes including introductory discussion, escorted tour, and drinking water-related giveaways for students. Grades K-12. 40 students maximum. Tuesdays preferred. Transportation costs may be covered.

Students Experiencing a Water Treatment Plant Field Trip

Classroom Presentation

40-60 minute interactive presentation on fresh water supply issues affecting California and Napa. Emphasis is on water conservation methods. Includes brainstorming contest on ways to save water in the home and conservation-related giveaways for students. Grades K-12.

ZunZun Musical Assembly Graphic

ZunZun Musical Assembly

45-minute assembly program engages elementary school students with musical segments focused on where their water comes from, water and energy conservation, watershed protection, and climate change. Free for schools served by the City of Napa water system, ZunZun's bilingual programs are always lively, with students and teachers singing and playing a variety of folkloric instruments. This highly acclaimed group has performed in 14 countries throughout the Americas and has appeared on regional, national, and international radio and television. For more information about ZunZun, visit the ZunZun web site. To book a ZunZun assembly, please call 831-426-0684 or Email ZunZun.

High School Video Contest

The 6th annual Napa County Water Conservation Video Contest was open to all students and families. The 2021 contest theme was Imagine Our Water-Wise Future and the winning video "No Water, No Future" was a four-student effort led by Napa High's Giulia Guerrera, now a two-time contest winner. The winning team received $250 and a $60 gift card for Century Napa Valley Theatre, where their 30-second video will be shown as a public service announcement the week of July 9-15. The 2nd and 3rd place videos garnered $150 and $100 cash prizes. View the contest web page for full details.

Online Napa Valley Watershed Tour

Explore Napa Opens in new windowLocal educators are invited to view Oh, The Places You'll Flow: The Napa Valley Watershed Features Tour on the Napa Library's Explore Napa web site. Developed with educational standards in mind, the tour delivers expert information along with captivating video clips, photos, library resources, and an interactive map denoting the locations of the various watersheds within Napa County. Some of the watershed topics available online include Beavers, Owls and Bats, the EcoReserve, the Napa River and Headwaters, the wetlands, Oak Restoration, and "From Snowflakes To Faucets: Do You Know Where Your Drinking Water Comes From?".

Teachers and youth group leaders should also visit the CREEC web site to find additional environmental education opportunities.