Public Art Ordinance

Ell ezer

In 2010, the Napa City Council enacted a Public Art Ordinance (please see Chapter 15.108 Public Art in the Napa Municipal Code).  The Public Art Ordinance is intended to integrate public art into new non-residential private and public development projects throughout Napa. If applicable to the proposed development project, the ordinance requires developers to contribute to the public art program in one of two ways:

  1. by installing on-site public art of equal in value to 1% of the construction costs of the development project. With this option, the public art is required to be integrated into the development plan whenever the plans are first drawn, or
  2. by making an ‘in-lieu’ contribution to the City’s Public Art Fund, which equals 1% of the construction cost of the project, for projects with a value of $250,000 or more. These funds are placed into the City’s “Public Art Fund,” which is used to select and install public art throughout the city.  

The 1% public art requirement is administered by the Planning Department.  For more information on this requirement, contact planning staff at (707) 257-9530.