Napa Art Walk 

Napa Art Walk is a City-sponsored program that aims to enhance Napa's quality of life and support tourism by publicly exhibiting original, high-quality, sculpture from artists in the region. 

The 7th Napa Art Walk exhibit "Play!" opened August 1st 2021. Ten sculptures were selected by a jury of professionals. Using kinetic art, movement and/ or light to define dimensions and interaction in space, this art contains symbolic movement or requires motion for its effects. 

The sculptures are on loan to the City of Napa for the two-year period but are also available for purchase. If any artwork is sold, then 10 percent of the proceeds go back into the Art Walk program.

Visit to learn more about the program and the artists. 

  1. Meredith Nevard

    Public Art Coordinator

Napa Art Walk Brochures

Audio Tours of Downtown Public Art 

Have you ever stood in front of an art piece and wondered what the artist was trying to convey and how they conceived the piece? Audio tours are available through the OtoCast app that allow you to hear from the artists and develop a deeper understanding of their artwork. Download the free app from your preferred provider or listen to the recordings HERE.