Press Releases

View press releases from the Napa Police Department and stay up to date with current police business.


  1. NPD22-0120 and 22-0131 Press Release - English and Spanish
  2. 2023 FFY STEP Bus Safety Week English-Spanish (PDF)
  3. 2023 FFY STEP DUI Checkpoint English and Spanish (PDF)
  4. 2023 FFY STEP DUI Checkpoint results English and Spanish (PDF)
  5. 2023 FFY STEP DUI Saturation notice English and Spanish (PDF)
  6. 2023 FFY STEP Teen Driver Safety Week English and Spanish (PDF)
  7. 2023 FFY STEP Winter Mobilization 12142022 English and Spanish (002).pdf
  8. 22-001055/Major Traffic Collision-English and Spanish (PDF)
  9. 22002222 Fatal Jefferson and Oak Street-English and Spanish (PDF)
  10. 22002435 1180 Imola Ave and Minahen Street-English and Spanish (PDF)
  11. 2500 Wimbledon Shooting-English and Spanish (PDF)
  12. 300 blk Collier Shooting-English and Spanish (PDF)
  13. DUI Checkpoint results English and Spanish.PDF
  14. DUI Compliance Check 04072022-English and Spanish (PDF)
  15. Know your Limit Press Release English and Spanish.PDF
  16. NPD Press Release 22-5948; Search Warrant Service (English and Spanish- PDF)
  17. NPD22-000838 - Major Injury Accident - English-Spanish
  18. NPD22-002948 Soscol-Tanen Fatal Collision Media Release English and Spanish (PDF)
  19. NPD22-003960 Unattended Death English-Spanish
  20. NPD22-004210 Arrest-English-Spanish (PDF)
  21. NPD22-004336 Robbery Arrest English-Spanish (PDF)
  22. NPD22006316 1180 English and Spanish (PDF)
  23. NPD22-4622 Traffic Collision English-Spanish (PDF)
  24. NSIB22-00021-English and Spanish PDF
  25. Riverside Drive at Oak shooting-English and Spanish (PDF)
  26. Step Walk and Roll Release- Press Release (PDF)
  27. Street Racing Enforcement Press Release English and Spanish (PDF)
  28. Traffic Collison Press Release English and Spanish (PDF)
  29. Update 5/12/22 for NPD21-005747 English & Spanish
  30. NPD22-006282 Shooting Suspect Arrested - English and Spanish