Junior Unit Initiative Program

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This program provides participating homeowners with technical assistance and below-market financing to create Junior Accessory Dwelling Units (Junior Units or JADUs) and Conversion Accessory Dwelling Units (Conversion ADUs). Junior Units are flexible, independent apartments created from one or more bedrooms in existing owner-occupied, singe family homes. Conversion ADUs are ADUs created from accessory structures, including attached or detached garages. Approved homeowners must live in either the ADU or the primary unit and rent the other unit to a low-income tenant.

The City provides forgivable financing of up to $50,000 to create a Junior Unit or Conversion ADU. Additionally, Conversion ADUs are eligible for up to an additional $25,000 in financing in the form of a deferred interest-free loan. Participating homeowners will also receive assistance in developing scopes of work and finding qualified contractors. Homeowners opting to include ADA improvements in the rental unit are eligible for grants of up to $5,000. Additionally, the City provides design and engineering grants if these services are needed for the creation of the Junior Unit or Conversion ADU.