General Plan Speaker Series

General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC) 

The application process closed on Friday, September 7, 2018 at 4pm, for the General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC). The City’s General Plan helps to guide decision-making by residents, property owners, business interests, and elected and appointed officials about public and private land use and development that shape Napa’s physical environment. Envision Napa 2020, the City’s current General Plan, was adopted in 1998.

To assist with the General Plan Update, the City is establishing an advisory committee comprised of 10 to 15 members from the general public. The scope of the Committee will be to assist in refining the community discussions and comments to identify issues and opportunities and help shape the policies of the General Plan. The GPAC will meet regularly over the course of two years. Ideal candidates will possess the following characteristics:

  • Citywide perspective – Understanding the opportunities and challenges facing the City as a whole, rather than advocating for a specific issue.
  • Able to work collaboratively – Listen to others, be respectful and considerate, and adjust viewpoints as necessary to move the dialogue forward.
  • Time – Have time and a desire to thoroughly review and understand background data, information, and analysis.
  • Willingness to be an “Ambassador” – Provide a high level of service to the community by attending events and workshops to understand community perspectives.
  • Commitment – Be able to meet approximately every other month over an approximate two-year period during the update process.

The City envisions that the group will include Napa residents, business owners, neighborhood groups, and other community stakeholders who have a broad interest in long-range planning issues facing Napa. The selection process will focus on identifying GPAC members who possess the above qualities and can bring broad, community-wide thinking to the GPAC process.

As a prequel to our 2040 General Plan update the City of Napa is hosting a two part speaker series to start the conversation - Napa: 2040 General Plan Conversation Starters.

Urban Tech Talk - Napa: 2040 General Plan Conversation Starters

Friday, May 18 @ at Uptown Theatre Napa: 1350 3rd Street.

- Event Program and Speaker Bios

- Program Takeaways

- Meeting Notes

Urban Renaissance - Napa: 2040 General Plan Conversation Starters

Friday, June 22 @ Archer Hotel: 1230 First Street

- Event Program and Speaker Bios

- Meeting Notes