Napa Police Cadet Program

cadets2The Napa Police Cadet Program is a non-paid volunteer organization through which young people can make decisions regarding their careers. The Napa Police Department has operated its Cadet Program for over twenty years and many of its graduates have gone on to careers within Law Enforcement, including with the Napa Police Department. The Napa Police Cadet Program is open to young men and women, 14 years through 24 years of age. Cadets must be in high school and or a full time college student and have a minimum 2.5 GPA with no less than a “C” in all subjects.

The Cadet Program is compatible with leadership development and the Cadets supervisory structure emphasizes Cadet promotion through leadership abilities. The program is a Police Department responsibility, with administrative control through the Cadet Coordinator and the office of the Chief of Police. The Cadet Coordinator and Cadet Advisors provide direct and continual guidance.
Cadets work under direct supervision, perform a variety of routine and progressively more advanced tasks in an apprenticeship program in preparation for a career in law enforcement.

Newly hired cadets will receive an orientation of the organization and facilities before reporting to their first assignment. On-the-job training will be conducted in compliance with the Cadet Training Manual. Training sessions will be scheduled as needed to train cadets for as many assignments as possible. In addition to job-specific training, information will be offered to prepare cadets to compete successfully in the police officer selection process, as well as the academy training. All training will focus on improving job performance, as well as preparation to become police officers. These meetings will also offer an opportunity to receive continuous feedback regarding progress of the program.

Cadet Program Coordinator

Our Cadet Program Coordinator is responsible for tracking the educational and job performance of cadets as well as making their individual assignments throughout the Department. The Program Coordinator also monitors the training provided for all cadets and reviews all decisions affecting job assignments, status for compensation, school attendance and performance evaluations. Contact our coordinator for more information regarding the program.