Crack Seal Project 17/18

Project Completion:

The Crack Seal Project was completed in June 2018.

Construction Updates:

The Crack Seal Project will provide a pavement maintenance treatment to local streets throughout the City. The Contractor will be placing "No Parking" signs on the affected streets stating when the crews will be in the neighborhood. Please park vehicles in the driveway or outside of the "No Parking Zone" prior to 8:00 AM. During work hours, minor traffic delays may occur.

Should there be any questions or concerns, please contact the Contractor, Bond Blacktop, Inc, at (510) 783-9909 x 301, the on site Project Superintendent Julio Rodriguez at (408) 639-1172, or the Public Works Department, Construction Division at (707) 275-9520.

Below you will find maps of the affected streets.
Area 1 Map               Area 4 Map
Area 2 Map               Area 5 Map
Area 3 Map               Area 6 Map
AREA MAP_Crack Seal Only Area Map