Fire Administration

The Fire Administration staff supports and manages both the Fire Prevention and Fire Operations divisions. They oversee all aspects of the Fire Department ensuring all our activities are carried out in line with our mission statement and core values (service, knowledge, professionalism, responsibility, cooperation, integrity). "Always here, always ready, serving you with pride and excellence."

  1. Zach Curren

    Zach Curren

    Fire Chief
    Phone: (707) 257-9593

  1. Shuree Egloff

    Shuree Egloff

    Management Analyst
    Phone: (707) 257-9593

  1. Donna Whitney

    Donna Whitney

    Administrative Secretary
    Phone: (707) 257-9593

  1. Ana Garibay

    Ana Garibay

    Office Assistant
    Phone: (707) 257-9593